Custom & Bespoke Sizes & Designs

We cut our stencils to order. This allows us to adjust the scale of many of the stencils to suit our customers. We can also design stencils from artwork you supply.
Customised lettering and signage stencils can be created. Let us know what you need and we will provide a quote. 

Our precision cutting equipment can reduce or enlarge the size of many of our stencil designs, although we would warn against any major reduction of a design that is already quite small & delicate. Substantial enlargements are also possible but please be aware that over a certain size stencils can become floppy and unwieldly. However, this can be overcome by cutting the stencil in sections.

Under normal circumstances, changing one dimension of a stencil will automatically mean a corresponding change in the other dimension, whether enlarging or reducing the design. However, we are also able to stretch or compress many of our designs (see above). So, if one of our standard designs will not quite fit your allotted space, all is not lost. To order any of our designs in a custom size please email us the design code (you’ll find this on the ‘Stencil information and ordering’ page for the design) and the size you’d like it.

We have been designing & cutting custom stencils for clients since 1988 and for quality of design and fast turnaround we are unrivalled. Prices are based on the estimated design time along with cutting and materials  and will reflect the complexity of the design. Prices start from £10.00 (GBP) and we will provide a quotation free of any obligation. Artwork must be either original, from a copyright free source, or obtained with the prior written permission of the copyright holder.
To enquire about having a custom stencil made, please email us with information of sizes and the intended use for the stencils. We need your phone number and email.   Ideally, artwork should be supplied as a vector (ai) file, We can also work from pdf, tif, jpeg, gif and png files; however, they will incur artwork charges. In some cases, drawings and printouts may be acceptable. If you are unable to load files to the contact form, tell us and we will reply with a link to send them.
Our postal address is The Stencil Library, Stocksfield Hall, Stocksfield, Northumberland, NE43 7TN, United Kingdom.