Vase & Flowers (Silhouette)


This stencil is known as a silhouette stencil. In order to keep as much detail in the design as possible, we have designed this as a multiple layer stencil whereby you stencil the background colour back in on one of the layers. It comes with full instructions and each layer is numbered and has registration marks on it to match each layer up quickly and easily. The standard size for this design is shown below. Please select the quantity you want to order. Unless otherwise stated on this page, the dimensions refer to the size of the actual stencil design. This stencil includes registration marks to aid accurate repeating.
The illustration on this page is not actual size and may show only part of the stencil. Click the image to see a small-scale version of the entire stencil. Any colours shown are only our suggestions from the many possibilities available. All our stencils can be used with any colour paints to match your own colour scheme.
We are also able to supply this stencil design in a custom size, please click on our Custom/Bespoke page.

Additional information

Dimensions 9 × 18 in