Y7 Yaeko’s Golden Squares Stencil


The Golden Squares stencil helps to create the look of metallic leaf. The stencil can create a background on which further decoration is applied or it can be used as a pattern. The Golden Squares stencil was designed my master muralist and decorative painter Yaeko Kurimata, they often form the background of her signature art pieces. The squares do not have to be golden, one of the benefits of using a stencil is that any colour can be applied..

A reusable stencil with a pattern of irregular squares to look like gold leaf
It is £35.00 in the normal weight of 125 micron weight of film
The measurements of the cut out area are 30 inches by 12.7 (762 mm x 323)
The sheet size is 33 inches X 15.7 (840×400)
An individual square is approximately 4.3 inches (110mm)
Price for 125 film (normal weight) £35.00
Price for variable on 190 film £38.50


Additional information

Dimensions 30 × 12.7 in
Film Weight

Normal (125), Heavy (190)