Double Ended Stencil Brush


We designed and had these soft-bristled stencil brushes made to our own specifications in order to create the perfect stencilling applicator. Working with the proper tools makes the job much easier. The bristles are flagged for soft ends perfect for stippling or swirling for different stencil effects. To keep them in tip top condition, purchase one of our Brush Scrubbers for easy cleaning. They come in 2 double ended sizes: the small/medium has one end of 10mm and the other of 15mm diameter; the large/xlarge has one end of 20mm diameter and the other of 25mm. You will need a brush for each colour you are going to use at one time and the double ended brushes are great for being able to use two colours per brush, thus keeping the number of brushes you are handling at one time to a minimum. If you need advice as to which size to get for your chosen stencil, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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