Electric Heatpen Cutting Tool


Another way to cut a stencil is with a heatpen. The heatpen is easier to use because it works by heat so no downward pressure is required. It works best on curvier shapes. Use a piece of glass to cut onto. Take care as this tool does get very hot. Simply trace around the shapes of your stencil design as if you were using a pen. It will melt the shapes out. Although it does work on different films and plastics, it does work best on our standard 125 micron stencil film (sold by the foot). Some plastics will melt too much. It helps strengthen your stencil design by cauterising the edges of your shapes. PLEASE NOTE: This item is fitted with a UK plug and is formulated for 240V power supply. Can be used in Europe with a plug adaptor or in 120V countries with a transformer and plug adaptor.

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